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Supervisions - Clinical & Wellbeing

Clinical supervision is offered only for qualified, or  in Training psychotherapists, counsellors and play therapists. This is an opportunity to explore, either in groups or individually, the efficacy of your practice as a therapist and the impact of the therapeutic relationship on yourself as a practitioner.

Wellbeing supervisions - Wellbeing Supervision and Case Supervision are also offered to community practitioners such as pastoral support education staff, teachers and teaching assistants, social workers, health care professionals and other professionals that work with children young people or families.

We work together to ensure emotional wellbeing in your role and practice. Emotional wellbeing supervisions are delivered to individuals or groups on a regular basis, usually 1x 6 weekly.

The agenda is supervisee led and considers the supervisees wellbeing in relation to work role and case load and its impact on you emotionally, mentally, and physically. It also considers team dynamics and the supervisee’s role in managing agency infrastructures.

There is exploration of home life stressors impacting on the work role and wellbeing, and vice versa.

The sessions are strictly confidential, the Supervisor does not report back the content of the supervisions to the agency but works to offer independent exploration and facilitation of the is a safeguarding concern regarding a child or young person or significant concern for the Well-being of the supervisee, then the supervisor would make the Supervisors Line Manager aware.

The following areas are likely to be explored ongoingly in supervision:

  • Exploration of team dynamics

  • Space to process roles, events and incidents that occur and the impact that it has individually or as a team.

  • Exploration of children and young people’s needs and behaviours, exploring best practice.

  • Consideration of out of work stressors and situations and how these impact on wellbeing and our role.

  • Psychoeducation in relation to integrating training, CPD and ongoing learning.

  • Benefits of Supervision

  • Increase in reflective practice

  • Increase in knowledge and skill development

  • Improved relationships with colleagues and agency infrastructure

  • Improved outcomes for clients

  • Reduction in personal and work-related stress


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