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Going beyond 50 minutes in the room

Play Therapy for non-complex needs

Blocks of 12, 18 or 24 individual sessions with Multi-agency Review and Liaison hours as additional


The play therapist works primarily through the medium of play. The play therapist uses metaphor and symbolism with the child to play out internal processes. 

Paramount to all play therapy is the perception that play is the child’s first language and means of expression. Children show distress in a number of ways, they may appear withdrawn, angry or disruptive, displaying eating or sleeping difficulties or struggling with relationships. Working relationally with the child in a therapy room equipped with play   materials that will aid the child in their exploration of emotions. 

Play therapy can help with a variety of issues including, behavioural difficulties, emotional or physical trauma, and disability.  Post abuse, significant life changes such as divorce, adoption, fostering, separation & loss.  Play therapy is used to assist the child or young person to explore and master emotional destress.

Who may benefit from this intervention?

 Children with a range of emotional needs and challenging behaviours

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