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An animal update

Hi everyone - and welcome to the Broad Horizons blog!

We'll be using this space to update you on any news that we have, so be sure to check back regularly.

Today we'll be sharing an update on our favourite bunny Ethel - as well as her new bunny friend, Jack.

Some of you who have been to Broad Horizons lots will know that we love animals! Our outdoor garden space is perfect for kinds of creatures - did you know we've named two regular wood pigeons visitors Barry and June - and even had a pheasant wandering the garden! We have a lovely spacious set up in the garden, which has been home to rabbits and guinea pigs over the years.

Sadly, one of our rabbits passed away last year, which left Ethel on her own, so she has now gone to live with one of our staff, Sarah, so she can have lots of fusses and cuddles. She now also has a new best friend called Jack who is keeping her company in her new home!

Lots of you have been asking about her, so we made a little video for you below so you can see what she's been up to!

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