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This training gives you access to all 5 of the pillars of Broad Horizons’ DARTS© model which considers:


Dissociation - Attachment - Resilience - Trauma & Shame

The whole DARTS course has been designed to enhance your understanding of why children and young people that have been traumatised behave the way that they do.

You will be given clear strategies, methods and practical skills to use with children and young people, alongside theories and knowledge to enable you to understand how to meet the emotional and behavioural needs of the child. We can offer practical strategies for supporting families of traumatised children. This course will also help child focused organisations to create a DARTS© informed environment.

Which module is right for me?


You can purchase and attend as many modules as you like. A discount is applied if the whole 5 modules are purchased together. You are advised to watch our 1 hour introductory video prior to partaking in any of the main 5 pillars. Access to our introductory foundation video will automatically be sent to you when any main module is purchased.

About all modules:


Introduction to DARTS: 1 hour

The course starts with an introductory virtual slideshow with narration and video from our experienced therapists. There are sections which will help you to consider how aware you are of trauma and gauge your experience and knowledge before delving in to each module on a deeper level.

Dissociation: 2 hours 40 mins

Dissociation can often be missed as a trauma response, sometimes being brushed aside as "zoning-out" "daydreaming" or in extreme cases having adverse behavioural changes and appearing to act with a different personality. This aspect of our course will help you to identify those struggling with dissociation which can have deep consequences to everyday life. With the tools and resources from this course, you will be able to work through dissociative qualities together with the individual and help them to manage the effects to have a more fulfilling quality of life.


Attachment: 2 hours

Children learn, from as young as a few months old that certain behaviours keep danger at bay and others increase the chance of danger. To counteract this they develop attachment strategies to prevent harm and danger and to keep the parent/carer as close as possible, even if it is these same people that cause the danger. 

Attachment theory states that for a child to grow up into an adult who can confidently form healthy relationships with others, they need a strong and reliable bond with a caregiver in early life.

Each time a positive interaction takes place between a child and adult, neural connections are built.

If the person taking care of you is unreliable, unable to love and care for you, the neural pathways in your brain may not form as strongly, meaning your mental and emotional health may be impaired as an adult.

This module will explore attachment theory in more detail, providing evidence and tools to work with.

Resilience: 2 hours

Resilience is a key factor in being able to navigate life, relationships and surroundings in a healthy manner. Early adverse events can have huge impact on a person's natural resilience development. This part of the course will help you to understand the important role of resilience and also provide you with the relevant tools and ideas needed to help build sturdy foundations for a positive, healthy future. 

Trauma: 2 hours 40mins

Processing traumatic events can be extremely triggering and must be unpacked with care. Trauma processing must be held by a qualified professional but many people in the individual's support network can carry an important role by identifying when a child could be suffering with trauma, creating the opportunity of healing for them with the right professionals.

Shame: 2 hours

The repercussions of shame during the early years can have long-lasting detrimental affects on young people, carrying on into adult life. Learn how to advise others to refrain from shaming children and approach issues from a place of understanding and positive change.

Benefits that this course will offer:

• Raise awareness and knowledge of Dissociation, Attachment, Resilience, Trauma & Shame.

• Gain a clear understanding of the current theories and research relating to understanding children’s behaviour.

• Learn some of the latest research into trauma and how it shapes the brain.

• Develop insight into the impact that trauma and abuse can have on influencing children and young people’s behaviour.

• Take away tools and strategies to enable you to manage children and young people’s trauma related behaviour.

•Understand what emotional support children and young people need to manage

behaviour effectively in a range of settings.

• Learning in a down to earth and practical style ensuring that you have an enjoyable and informative learning experience.

What does the training include?

  • 1 Introductory foundation module - pre-recorded by one of our skilled therapists.

  • In depth, recorded training delivered by our founder and renowned psychotherapist Claire Harrison-Breed

  • Tools for everyday use and practise

  • Activities for you to take part in, at your own pace

  • Broad Horizons resources and worksheets for your own use

Who is this training aimed at?

This training is for professionals, such as therapists, social workers, school staff and occupational therapist.

If you are a parent/carer, please see our main training page for other trainings which may be useful for you.


By providing your email to access this training, you are agreeing to receive email communications on our DARTS training model.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes you will receive a Broad Horizons - CPD Accredited certificate, upon completion of a course feedback form.

By providing your email to access this training, you are agreeing to receive email communications on our DARTS training model. How do we use your information? View our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page

DARTS - Full Course

PriceFrom £240.00
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