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For Professionals..

Broad Horizons is proud of the positive and effective working relationships we have with Social Care, Education, and Health spanning over the past 20 years.

Broad Horizons aims to tailor make the packages of support to meet the individual needs of the clients that are referred to us. There is a strong emphasis on working in partnership with the team around the client. Regular, 6-8 weekly, reviews of the therapy are a standard practice which professionals are encouraged to attend.

All our therapists are experienced at attending Multi-Agency professional meetings that are required to support the wider needs of the client or family.

In addition to the direct Therapy provision Broad Horizons offers Well-being supervision packages for community organisations such as schools and teams as well as a comprehensive training program including Understanding Behaviour, Dissociation, Attachment, Resilience, Trauma, and Shame DARTS model.


We are happy to create bespoke training packages to meet your needs.

For information contact 01604 634944 or or

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