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Hi, I'm Erin and I'm one of the therapists here at Broad Horizons.

I have a book published called

How to become a Trauma Friendly Classroom: A Pocket Guide.

It is available to order, you can contact me on 07902 576429

I hope that you can find this really useful, it should be easy to navigate so you can quickly flick to any page you have in mind.

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Other resources we recommend...

Do you know a child suffering from a bereavement of a loved one?

This game explores beautiful world, built to guide you through your darkest moments.

This game is designed to help you cope with the death of a loved one.

Apart of Me provides young people with a safe space to grieve, where they can hear from others who know how it feels and find strength and wisdom.

A unique experience that talks their language, whenever they need, in a format they understand, designed specifically for them.



The Survivor's Trust

"Masks and face coverings can be triggering for a number of reasons. Wearing a face covering can trigger memories of abuse....."

"They can also make us feel claustrophobic which can trigger fears of having a panic attack or losing control of our breathing. Survivors have also reported that not being able to see the faces of those around them is intimidating..."

"With the conditions of lockdown worsening pre-existing mental health issues and feelings of isolation for many people in the UK, survivors are particularly vulnerable at this time."

The Survivor's Trust is a valuable service which can help at this time.

Our Guidelines

We have strict guidelines that we all work to here at Broad Horizons,take a look at our guidelines from the European Society on Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) by clicking this button.

Therapeutic Resources

Many of our clients have asked if they can buy recommended resources from us, we do not sell anything ourselves, but here we have linked some resources and publications that we use in therapies and refer to regularly. You can buy these directly from Amazon if you click on the button below each item.