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Going beyond 50 minutes in the room

Theraplay & MIM Assessment

1 MIM assessment

1 MIM feedback

24 sessions


Theraplay is an attachment focused intervention that works with the parent child dyad using play activities to focus on the following areas in order to create positive attachments between the two.  



Purpose: To relieve the child of the burden of maintaining control of interactions.  The adult sets the limits, defines body boundaries, keeps the child safe and helps to complete the sequence of activities.

Aim:  For the child to have further opportunities to experience adults as trustworthy and predictable.



Purpose:  To establish and maintain a connection with the child, to focus on the child in an intense way and to surprise and entice the child into enjoying new experiences.

Aim:  For the child to have further opportunities of experiencing an adult engaging with them in an exciting, surprising and stimulating, but safe way.  The adult is attuned to their needs. 



Purpose:  To help the child feel more competent and confident by encouraging achievable risks and to accomplish an activity with adult help.

Aim:  For the child to further experience an adult encouraging the child to grow, develop and become self-motivated.  In addition, the child will become more independent.   



Purpose: To reinforce that the child is worthy of care and that adults will provide care without the child having to ask.



The child will have added experiences of an adult being warm, reassuring, gentle, soothing, calming and comforting.


Who may benefit from this intervention?

Children and young people who have experienced attachment disruptions in early life for example children who are in care, looked after, and adopted. Children who parents have experienced postnatal depression or poor mental health during the first few years of their life

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