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Going beyond 50 minutes in the room

Therapeutic Parenting Group
DDP and DARTS informed. 

Therapeutic Parenting Group - Incorporates Psych-Education on Broad Horizons

D.A.R.T.S model (Dissociation, Attachment, Resilience, Trauma, Shame)

The focus of the group will be to develop and enhance therapeutic interactions between parents/foster carers and the children or young people they care for. Consideration will be given to understanding children’s behaviour, and ways to support this, alongside the emotional needs of the children and young people. The course is delivered by experienced psychotherapists and counsellors in an informal and supportive group environment.

What will be covered in the course?

The six-week group is designed to blend a range of trauma and dissociation informed models covering the following areas.

  • The five pillars Broad Horizons Relationship-DARTS model: Dissociation, Attachment, Resilience, Trauma and Shame

  • Core Principals of Therapeutic Parenting

  • Developing relationships between children and their families

  • Understanding children and young people’s behaviour

  • Applying PACE in parenting

  • Foster Carers self-care

  • Working with and supporting blocked care

Who may benefit from this intervention?

Anyone who is parenting children and young people who have a history of complex developmental and relational trauma.

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