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Going beyond 50 minutes in the room

Individual Therapeutic

Life Story Processing

40 sessions

4 Multi -agency Liaison and Review Hours

6 Therapeutic Parenting support sessions


The focus of this package is on developing a life story/narrative with the child or young person and their parents or carers, whilst processing traumatic experiences or memories that may arise.  With is package the social worker/professionals referring will be responsible for accessing and compiling the information relating to the chronology and facts about life events. The therapy will explore these events in safe and containing manner. There is not necessarily an actual “Book” created with this but a combination of pieces of work created collaboratively with the client and therapist, with the key focus of working therapeutically to enable the child or young person to develop a narrative of their history, and process any trauma, loss or other emotions that erase whilst doing the work.  


Who may benefit from this intervention?


Children and young people that are Adopted, children in care and Looked after, Refugee and asylum seeking children and young people 

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